Send us your love letters and poems, send us your breakup letters, and words you wish you would have spoken but didn't.

Send us art about your children or your pets or your parents.

Tell us about the friend you miss more than you thought you would and the letter that can no longer be delivered.

Tell us about the things you learned to stop doing or start doing because someone you hoped would stay found they had to go instead.

Tell us about someone you never got over, or someone who was nothing of what they seemed. 

From longing and regret to desire and commitment to time both well and poorly spent . . .

Let us put your letters in REAL CRUSHKITS and copies into The CrushKit Zine as it comes to life in 2019.

Send your mail to: 

CrushKit Laboratories
1000 Martin Luther King
Paducah, KY 42001