The CrushKit is a book that is, in fact, a box.

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The CrushKit is

Lit by a dark pink glow

Smelling of Rosemary & Cedar Oil

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It is

A kind of map

Made of our smallest things

Our smallest gestures

Of ourselves at our

Most revealing


It is a record

A book of moments

A box of things

Of heart shaped charms

And notes left on counter tops

Of birthday cards

And ticket stubs

Of love letters sent

And unsent

Of Eulogies written in eyeliner

On Merlot ringed cocktail napkins

It’s Dear Jane & Dear John

It’s don’t go & don’t stay

It’s a playing card found in the road

The day I realized I loved you so

A button that unraveled from your sleeve

At Coney Island the day it was too cold

But we rode the cyclone anyway

I kept it

The CrushKit is every little thing

Of yours & mine

Of ours on and on

It is every little thing